Family caregivers work tirelessly and selflessly—often to the detriment of their own health and emotional well-being—to provide assistance to loved ones who are living with disabilities. The Arizona Caregiver Coalition aims to provide these family caregivers temporary respite (a break) from their full-time roles as caregivers.

Who needs respite?

Respite rebates can be used by family caregivers to recover costs for in-home or facility-based respite care services that they secure on their own, so they can relax and enjoy a short break from their duties.

Learn more about the Respite Rebate Program by watching a short video.


The Respite Rebate Program allows family caregivers to be reimbursed for respite services they procure and are available to family caregivers on a quarterly basis.

  • Qualified caregivers who complete the application process and meet the eligibility are issued respite rebate vouchers worth up to $300.
  • Caregivers can use rebate vouchers to recover costs for in-home care by a respite service or to hire an individual of their choice who is at least 18 years old and not living in the same house. Caregivers can also use the Respite Rebate Program to offset the costs for care in a facility based respite service, summer camp, or adult day care centers.
  • The caregiver is reimbursed $12 an hour for each hour invoiced by the respite provider or agency. Caregivers are responsible for any fees that exceed the maximum hourly rate of $12 or $300.
  • As of March 1, 2017, government-issued photo identification is required.
  • Read the Respite Rebate Program’s Frequently Asked Questions.

How can caregivers apply for the Respite Rebate Program?

Call the Caregiver Resource Line at 888-737-7494 to inquire about eligibility.

How to locate respite help

Local, non-medical homecare agencies can be found at Arizona In-Home Care Association — by searching for “members”.  For individualized assistance, leave a message at 602-283-3503 or email

Large nonprofits, like Beatitudes and FSL, also offer non-medical homecare services.

Arizona does not require licensure, nor does it monitor non-medical homecare providers, so the quality of caregivers is at the discretion of the hiring individual/family/care provider agency.

To search for direct hire caregivers visit  It is your responsibility if you hire an individual to check and confirm credentials, references, and criminal backgrounds. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all labor laws are followed, from payroll taxes, immigration, and workers compensation insurance.

Arizona Caregiver Coalition does not endorse or recommend any individual caregiver or homecare agency.